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In this section you will find various pieces that have been published about the camps. 

Please note all the articles that appear here are republished with permission from the original publisher.  All rights other than appearing on this website are reserved by the original publisher.

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10/17/2007    The Berlin Reporter

Gliders ride the autumn waves in the sky  1.2M PDF

Gliders ride the autumn waves in the sky  1.5M PDF Full B Section

Spring 2005    Windswept

Glimpse of "A Timeless Sky"  1.7M PDF

Spring 2002    Windswept

Riding the Wave 1.0M PDF

10/2001    Soaring Magazine

Diamonds Before Breakfast  1.0M PDF

3/1971    Soaring Magazine

A Letter From the Mt. Washington Wave  1.0M PDF

 3/1969    Soaring Magazine

The 1968 Mount Washington Wave Camp  1.6M PDF

2/1968    Soaring Magazine

A Timeless Sky 0.8M PDF

2/1967    Soaring Magazine

Waves, East and West 1.0M PDF