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Adobe PDF file 2016 Camp Logbook *- by Rick Roelke

Adobe PDF file 2021 Camp Logbook *- Daily reports from Glen Kelley

Adobe PDF file Airspace Waiver and Procedures *- This is the combined waiver from FAA that allows us to enter Class A airspace and the Letter of Agreement from ATC that gives the procedures. Valid for 2021.

Adobe PDF file Greenhorn in the White Mountains *- Chris Giacomo's account of his experiences preparing for wave camp and flying the wave in 2013.

Landing places (kmz)- This file can be opened by Google Earth. It shows all the landing places (fields, airfields, airports) within about 100 miles of Gorham airport. Note that there is no guarantee that any of these fields will be in landable condition when you need it. Please use your own judgment when evaluating landing places.

Adobe PDF file Latest Information *- Information about the current encampment: dates, signup, accommodations, etc. This is the information for the 2016 encampment.

Adobe PDF file Mt. Washington Area Wave Cross-Country Glider Flights *- When flagpole sitting in wave becomes routine, this documents describes some possible routes for meaningful cross country flying utilizing the wave systems in the area. The landing options on the northern routes are sparse and sometimes distant from the course line. Please note that not only the condition, but even the existence of some of the reported landing areas must be confirmed before attempting some of these routes.

Adobe PDF file Mt. Washington Glider Area Briefing 2017 *- - This briefing document, carefully composed and copyrighted by John Good, is required reading for all attending the wave camp. It is recommended that you print a copy and bring it with you. Please respect John's copyright and do not reproduce this document for any purpose other than your own personal use. This version is valid for 2017.

Adobe PDF file Oxygen Talk *- This is the talk on oxygen systems given by Steele Lipe at the 1995 SSA Convention.

Media file Parking Map- Map of the parking / tie down scheme

Adobe PDF file Recollections by Wayne Knapp *- Wayne's stories from 1979-1984

Adobe PDF file SoaringMagMar1987 (6.6MB) *- See Page 44 (of pdf document) for an excellent Soaring Safety Foundation article, "Medical Aspects of Soaring", including information on oxygen systems, their use, potential problems and high altitude physiology.

Adobe PDF file The Mountains Win Again *- Chris Giacomo's story of his 2015 bailout, with lessons learned.

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.